Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How many people are in the world? Around 7 billion?

And how many of those people do you know? Approximately 200, 300, 400 of the 1000 Facebook friends you have? (and this is when your real popularity comes through).

But how many of the 7 billion people on the planet we all call home do you help without even realising? You might not even recognise that you're doing it, but you make a difference to people's lives everyday.

Don't believe me? Well, that girl you smiled to when you walked past her on the street? Maybe she was having a tough time, and didn't think she made any impact in the world. But you recognised her enough to smile at her. So maybe you helped her see that she did make a difference; she affected you enough to get a smile!

And that boy on the bus you and your friends were staring at, wondering how he managed to look so fit? Maybe he just broke up from his girlfriend, and thought no other girl was going to look at him he way she did. By you and your friends acting like love-struck teenagers, you all just brightened up his day.

I know those people aren't real, but I bet that there are hundreds of people you pass in the street everyday, and you don't even know how you shaped thier day.

Just think about it. Everyone makes a difference in the world, everyone impacts it, in one way or another. Some people make a bigger impression than others, but everyone is there together; changing the world. Just one tiny smile to a stranger each day. 

Gosh, this suddenly got very deep. I must be turning hipster.

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